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Your financial assistance saves lives.

Generous donations from organizations and individual defenders of human rights have made it possible for IRQR to help the Iranian queer community around the world. From advocacy for asylum seekers to direct financial support of refugees in dire need, IRQR has aided more than 600 of Iranian queer asylum seekers/refugees since its inception.

It is vital for us to document and report cases of torture, persecution, execution and other human rights violations that occur in Iran on a regular basis. With your help we will be able to assist our refugees with great support.


IRQR is committed to obtaining direct financial support for queer asylum seekers in imminent danger and homelessness. In Turkey, where many of them seek refuge, these asylum seekers are not permitted to work and do not have access to health facilities, medication, food or adequate housing. They often live in crowded houses, with no heat or sanitary facilities. Several of our refugees are cramped in a small apartment. At IRQR we are fearful for their future, as the landlord had sold the building.  For an asylum seeker to move to another apartment requires a considerable amount of money for a down payment. Portions of your donations are used to pay off their shelter, food, and health care.


Unfortunately, IRQR’s funding for the housing support is extremely limited. We urgently need your support for these people and others who are on the verge of homelessness.


You can support us by your generous donation through our various methods of payment.