Abolishing Execution: Limitation and Conflict within the UN

Arsham Parsi Speech at the Amnesty International 5th Anniversary of Cities for Life – Toronto Imagine for a moment that you are in prison waiting to be executed in a matter of days. You know that there are organizations that are supporting and advocating on your behalf. You know your case has been sent to […]

Mickey Wilson: This Work is Very Important

Good Evening Everyone. Thank you for joining us on this most important journey of learning this week. My name is Mickey Wilson and I am a member of the CMARD committee and president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Lethbridge and Area, a partner in this conference along with so many other amazing partners. […]

The Day That I Became Arsham Parsi

I do not recall when you committed suicide. I cannot remember the exact date that I came to your room and saw those bloody sheets of yours. Your mother was crying and I was mad at your parents. But I remember that, on that particular day, I truly became Arsham Parsi and decided to dedicate […]

30th anniversary of Pride Toronto and Iranian Queers

Happy Pride! Ladies and Gentlemen, Today is 30th anniversary of Pride Toronto and I took this opportunity to give you some information about Iranian queer human rights violations first, and then I will talk about international support and our expectation from international organizations and governments. In other words, what is the responsibility of international organizations […]