Sexual freedom and the right to choose the sex life

Arsham Parsi talked about the sexual freedom and Charter 91 in relation with Iranian queer rights at Agora Philosophical forum at the University of Toronto. آزادی جنسی و حق انتخاب زندگى جنسى – بخش اول: سخنرانی from Agora on Vimeo. آزادی جنسی و حق انتخاب زندگى جنسى – بخش دوم: پاسخ به پرسش ها from […]

Iranian Queers at Toronto Pride Parade 2012

For the second time, Iranian-Torontonian queers marched at Pride Parade 2012 on behalf of those who are still in Iran and have no rights. They decided to speak out on their behalf and reminding people that still queers in some part of the world are at risk. Pictures