IRQR has been a leader in advocating for queer rights and sought to mainstream queer issues and connect them to the broader queer human rights. As a result of this work, not only IRQR received international recognitions but also has received extensive media coverage internationally, including major news channels such as the BBC, CBC, CNN, FOX, and more. Major news websites like Digital Journal have published articles on IRQR’s activities to provide global visibility to queer rights issues in Iran.

The IRQR exists to support Iranian queers around the world. Due to Iran’s oppressive laws in regards to the Iranian queer community many Iranian queers choose to flee Iran in order to secure their physical safety as a homosexual. Which is a punishable crime by capital/corporal punishment in Iran. Although we recognize that queers in many countries face a range of similar challenges we are only able to assist self-identified queers from Iran.

IRQR has participated in many conferences including:


  • United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva in 2006
  • Equality forum in Philadelphia in 2008
  • San Jose Iranian human rights conference in 2008
  • Diversity & Community Outreach Conference in 2009
  • Lethbridge, Alberta in 2010;
  • World LGBT Youth Leadership Summit in Tel Aviv,
  • Israel in 2011 and more


The following awards and nominates are a measure of IRQR’s success in advocacy and raising awareness:

  • Documentaries such as “Out in Iran” and “A Jihad for Love” covered issues of Iranian queer struggles have been selected for several film festivals in Toronto, Berlin and India.
  • Toronto Star series on IRQR and Iranian queer refugees was nominated for Best Journalism Awars in 2011
  • Award from International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission in April of 2008
  • Pride Toronto Excellency in Human Rights Award in July 2008
  • Pride Toronto Best Participation Award in July 2011


IRQR has succeeded in creating a strong Iranian queer network where one did not exist before.